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Holly has been actively involved in Junior and Adult Sailing/Boating programs for over 30 yrs. Raised in Erie, PA she began her sailing career as a junior sailor eventually becoming the Program Director for the Erie Yacht Club Reyburn Sailing School. Upon leaving Erie, she landed in Annapolis and worked as the Program Director for Severn Sailing Association while traveling throughout the U.S. and Virgin Island conducting USSailing Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses. During these years she met and married her husband Gavin O'Hare and they embarked in a lfe of sailing, working, and raising 2 girls.

Over the years she has served as both a volunteer and paid consultant/advisor helping and growing sailing/boating programs for private clubs and public organizations. She is an expert at analyzing any programs and bringing it to the next level.

Some of her services include: Curriculum, Program Manuals, Instructor Manuals, Budgeting, Program Descriptions, Staff Training, Overall Program Management, and more. Fees vary depending on services offered.

Here are a few of the clubs/organizations she has served:


  • USSailing - Volunteer member of the Training Committee since 2004
  • Erie Yacht Club - Volunteer member/program advisor with 29 yrs of service.
  • Eastport Yacht Club - Founder Jr. Fleet program and Chair 2003-2017/ Committee Member/ Advisor
  • Kansas City Sailing, LLC - Perry Yacht Club - Advisor


  • Erie Yacht Club Foundation (501c3) - Co-Founder and Volunteer Board Member - 3 Yrs
  • Chair Snipe Master - 2013 - First Place Crew
  • Chair Snipe North American - 2008
  • Co/Chair Hinman Regatta - 2007
  • Co/Chair Snipe Nationals - 2006
  • Box of Rain - Volunteer and Part-time employee
  • Mission Bay Yacht Club - Member volunteer for Junior Sailing Committee
  • Juniors In Boating (JIB)/SoCal - Volunteer Board Member
  • Snipe Fleet 495 - Co-Chair Fleet Captain
  • Severn Sailing Association - Former Director
  • Erie Yacht Club/Reyburn Sailing School - Instructor/Director - 10 years. Volunteer Program Advisor - Ongoing
  • US Sailing - Paid consultant/ID Services on a number of projects/L1 and L2 Instructor Trainer - 13 years
  • J-World Instructor - 3 Years

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